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Stabilo International restaurant


Stabilo is A temporary exhibit and art fair building company in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. They wanted a restaurant for around 60 people to have breakfast, lunch and dinner served on a buffet. 


Design date: October 2018. 

Materials: Rough textiles, concrete and wood. Decorated with A lot of plants. 


Steltloper Amsterdam


Steltloper is a building located in Amsterdam. A new concept design was needed for the floor level interior to welcome guest and people who live in the neighbourhood.


Design date: Martch 2019.

Digital program: Sketchup. 


A poet's pavilion

designed this pavilion for a poet to use as a working environment. The pavilion has mirrors as walls inside, so the poet can stare at the sky while he/she is thinking and writing the poem's. The pavilion will catch a lot of sunlight, but the poet will be protected by heat and uv light because of a roof made out of special glass and good air-conditioning inside. 

School assignment: AKV|St.Joost.

Designing date: March 2016.

Materials used: steel, wood and glass.

Measurements: 8m wide,

5m high and 6m deep. 


Rituals shop in shop


Rituals is a company that wants to help people enjoy their daily routines by turning the routines in luxurious rituals. It occrued to me that Rituals shops mainly have huge prints on their walls of pictures of nature, but real nature is nowhere to be found. I thought it would be nice to give the customer the shopping experience where where they can find themselves in nature by adding tree's in the shop. I made this design as a shop in shop for Rituals Berlin. 

School assignment: SintLucas Boxtel.

Date: September 2012.

Design methods: spatial sketching, visualizing in Google SketchUp.

Materials used: Wood, cardboard, plexiglass and tree branches.

Measurements: 70cm wide, 30cm high,

30cm deep.  Maquette scale 1:20.


Exposition stand Film 1

The design of this exhibition stand was a traineeship assignment during my traineeship at Stabilo International b.v.

I designed the stand in a way such that the customers would become curious and stay a little while longer than they would in other exhibition stands at the fair.

Date: November 2012.

Measurements: 6m wide,

4m high and 5m deep.


Homage to the cube

For a school assignment at AKV|St.Joost I needed to design a personal work space, sleeping space and meeting space.  

The cubes where set on a standard measurement but from there from on, I had a blank canvas.

Date: November 2015. Measurements: 30x30x30cm. 1:20 models.

Cube 1. The work space.

I designed this cube as my ideal working space. The cube has a centre cube where I can work in peace and focus on my projects. When I want to get some air, I go outside and climb up, all the way to the top of the cube and enjoy the view.   

Design methods: spatial sketching with Tempex. Designing on paper. Visualizing in Vectorworks and Google SketchUp.

Materials used: jackodur modeling foam, one way mirror foil and plexiglass.

Cube 2. The sleepling space. 

 This big square metal construction would be my ideal sleeping space because the big metal walls protect against rain, wind and can be heathed with fire so it's nice and warm while watching the stars sitting in comfortable blankets and cushions.


Design methods: spatial sketching with paper and cardboard. Designing and visualizing in Google SketchUp.

Materials used: Thin plate metal.

Cube 3. The meeting space.


If I needed to choose someone to meet in this cube, it would be Olafur Eliasson. He is a famous installation artist which I like because of the geometric shapes and reflecting materials he uses in his work. I wpuld like to talk to him about his work and show him the cube which I think he would like very musch. 

Design methods: Spatial sketching with paper and trying out folding techniques. 

Materials used: thin plexiglass and one-way mirror foil. 


Restaurant desk

I designed this desk because I would love to see a desk like this in a restaurant where I can order the same dish, but then eatable.

School assignment: SintLucas Boxtel.

Date: September 2012.

Materials: modeling clay, spray paint, foamboard and adhesive plastic. 

Measurements: 30m wide, 25cm high,

20cm deep. Maquette scale 1:20.

The blue church.


Each year there are more churches that become abandoned. To ensure that these churches will not disappear, they need to change. It would come in handy if churches get a new role in the city; by serving as a huge information point. By adding the colour blue to the exterior of the church, the chruch becomes an eyecatcher and everyone could see where they need to be to get information about the city while traveling. 

School assignment: AKV St. Joost Breda.

Date: November 2016.

Materials: 3D printing.

Measurements: 6cm wide,

8cm high, 3cm deep. 


Street seat.

An eye catcher to provide the people on the streets with information about a museum nearby. The bench is covered with information and links. 

School assignment: SintLucas Boxtel.

Date: May 2012.

Materials: foam, acryl and wood.

Measurements: 90m wide, 25cm high,

40cm deep. Maquette scale 1:20.


Spatial maquette 'Garden'

Designing this spatial composition of geometric shapes, pictures of nature and the reflection of them, allowed me to develop a passion for manipulated symmerty in nature.

Own work.

Date: September 2016.

Materials: foamboard, paper,

cardboard and old magazines. 

Measurements: 40cm wide,

15cm high, 40cm deep. 


Spatial maquette 'City'


I designed this spatial maquette to investigate measurements in space. The spatial perspective of the measurements are illusional. When there is no reference to a normal size, Tiny shapes can become huge in the imagination.

Own work.

Date: October 2016.

Materials: foamboard, aluminium foil, paper, cardboard and magazines. 

Measurements: 80cm wide,

15cm high and 20cm deep. 


Spatial maquette 'Dark'.

To investigate shapes and reflections I created this spatial maquette. This maquette allowed me to investigate hidden reflections and shadows in a modern city. The maquette provides me with inspiration for upcomming projects.

Own work.

Date: November 2016.

Materials: thin plate metal, cardboard

and pictures cut out of magazines. 

Measurements: 50cm wide,

20cm high and 80cm deep.