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Biodegradable hand fan.


I designed a biodegradable hand fan because the plastic handfan’s that are used on festivals nowadays are always made from plastic and quickly thrown away, which is bad for the environment. The biodegradable hand fan I designed is as usable as the plastic hand fan and, the biodegradable hand fan will dissolve and give you flowers if planted in the ground. 

School assignment AKV St.Joost Breda. 

Design date: June 2016.

Materials: biodegradable paper,

glue, ink and rope.

Measurements: 30cm wide, 0,5cm high

 and 20cm deep. ​


Northern lights lamp.

I designed a product where the typical export products of 2 countries come together. This lamp is made by the Dutch company Philips, I designed it to show the northern lights of Scandinavia on the ceiling.

School assignment SintLucas Boxtel.

Design date: September 2013.

Materials: wood, plexiglass and metal.

Measurements: 50cm wide, 180cm high and 50cm deep. 


Hi-Macs give away.

Hi-macs is a product made of acryl and aluminium. The product is very sustainable and lasts for years. Hi macs wanted me to design a product to give away to their business partners as a gift. I designed a small planter which could be useful in many offices for many years because then Hi-macs will always be remembered by their business partners.


School assignment SintLucas Boxtel.

Design date: February 2014.

Materials: Hi-Macs. 

Measurements: 40cm wide,

40cm high and 50cm deep. 


Heinz Italian.

School assignment during my study at SintLucas. Design an exhibition stand and bottle for a new self made up Heinz ketchup taste.

School assignment SintLucas Boxtel.

Design date: June 2012.

Materials: foamboard, modeling clay, plastic, paper, cardboard and foam. 

Measurements maquette: 40cm wide, 20cm high and 30cm deep. scale 1:10.

Measurements Bottle: 7cm wide, 15cm high and 7cm deep. 


Brabantia measuring tool. 

I designed this measuring tool for Brabantia because I think it would come in handy when cooking with rice, sugar and other ingredients that you storage in a thin and need to measire before cooking. 

School assignment SintLucas Boxtel.

Design date: July 2012.

Materials: plexyglass, plastic and steel.

Measurements: 12cm wide,

20cm high  and 12cm deep. 


Wall clock, dreamcatcher.

I designed this wall clock in the shape of

a dreamcatcher because I had never seen a wall clock in this style and I wanted

to have one. 

School assignment SintLucas Boxtel.

Design date: December 2013.

Materials: aluminium and metal wire. 

Measurements: 50cm wide,

90cm high  and 40cm deep. 


Wall clock, circle.


School assignment SintLucas. Design a wall clock that has a special material in it.

School assignment SintLucas Boxtel.

Materials: clockwork, metal and wool.

Measurements: 35cm wide,

35cm high and 5cm deep. ​


Arrow chair.

I designed a stool in which you can see a positive personal quality and a negative quality of mine. 

School assignment SintLucas Boxtel.

Design date: October 2012.

Materials: MDF, memory foam

and different coloured fabrics. 

Measurements: 50cm wide,

80cm high  and 35cm deep. 




Own work.

Date: during 2013.​

Materials: various.

Measurements: various.



School assignment AKV St.Joost. Design a birdhouse for a selected bird and architectural style of a selected architect. I chose the Robin red breast and Daniel Libeskind. 

Design date: October 2015.

Materials: MDF.

Measurements: 90cm wide, 90cm high

 and 25cm deep. 


Game console


School assignment SintLucas Boxtel. Design a gaming console for the "Chasse theatre" in Breda where kids can play on during the pauses of the theatre shows.

Design date: January 2014.

Designing methods: Thinking throughout what a kid wants and transferring that to what the theatre wants. 

Materials: MDF.

Measurements of one console: 50cm wide, 100cm high and 50cm deep.