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DEFQON.1 Magenta 2019


It was an honour to design the magenta stage for Q-dance at Defqon.1 for the second time. In 2018 I also designed the magenta stage. This year I made a little reference to that design. Can you find the easter egg?


Design date: February 2019. 

Materials: scaffolding construction, decorated with painted wooden

panels and banners. 


DEFQON.1 Purple 2019

This design I made for Q-Dance is in favela style, one of my favourite styles to draw in. I loves this assignment because Q-Dance gave me lots of space in creativity.


Design date: February 2019. 

Materials: scaffolding construction, decorated with painted wooden strips


Holi fusion Eindhoven 2018

For the mainstage of Holi Fusion festival Eindhoven I created designs in an Asian style combined with my own style. 


Design date: January 2018. 

Materials: scaffolding construction, decorated with painted wooden

panels and banners.


DEFQON.1 Magenta 2018

I got this assignment when I was working as an intern at festival decor building company Brok decor b.v. My challenge was to let the festival guests experience A different perspective. I created A giant mouse lemur as a festival decor. It was the little lemur that became a giant, it ruled over the human beings and had the DJ in his claws. Stagedesign: Lotte van den Broek. Artwork: Marieke Verhoeven.


Client: Q-dance.

Design date: January 2018.

Measurements: 22m wide,

7m high and 5m deep.


DEFQON.1 Purple 2018

A dome tent was set as a base requirement for the design of this decor, I designed a snail shape around the tent.

Client: Q-dance international.

Design date: January 2018.

Measurements: 22m wide,

7m high and 5m deep.


Freaqshow area 2. 2018

During my traineeship I made this design for a funeral themed indoor hardstyle event called; Freaqshow.


Client: Q-dance.

Design date: October 2017.

Measurements:  10m wide

8m high and 4m deep. 


Festival decor transvorm. 

Summer themed design. 

For this design I was inspired by the patterns that are often used in ancient southern African clothing. The design can be used for a dance or jazz festival. 

Festival decor transvorm. 

Industrial themed design.

For this design I was insired by a oil refinery called; Chemelot. This design can be used as a decor for a hardstyle or techno festival. 

Festival decor transvorm.

Empire themed design. 

For this design I was inspired by a frend of mine, het told me that he would like to see a kind of empire design. This design can be used for an early music festival or classical concert. 

Festival decor transvorm 


​Regular outdoor dance festival decorations are mostly static and rarely move. This dance festival decoration can move in every direction and even transform into an infinite amount of entirely different shapes. It’s a new show element in the festival decoration design branch. The decoration exists of masts and comes with a modular design that allows them to be positioned in any size and shape depending upon the festival. It is versatile, sustainable and innovative.


Festival decor transvorm is my graduation project at the SKV St. Joost art academy. 

School assignment: AKV ST.Joost Breda.

Design date: February 2018.

Materials used: layher construction, wood and a special designed technics.

Measurements: 25m wide,

10m high and 12m deep. 


Q-BASE 2018

During my traineeship at Brok Decor I had the chance to create designs for day and night festival; Q-BASE. First I wanted to create designs based on night animals but later on I focused more on the history of the location where the festival would take place; a former army base. 

Client: Q-Dance

Date: October 2017.


Theatre tour decor "The KIK"

I designed this thearte tour decor for a

pop music band called "The KIK". The decor is easy to transport, set up and break down. Again and again. 


School assignment: SintLucas Boxtel.

Date: April 2014.

Measurements: 14m wide,

6m high and 8m deep. 


Musical decor 'Feex'.

This decor is multifuntional and can be used as a castle, market place, dungeon and council chamber. 

School assignment: SintLucas Boxtel.

Date: November 2013.

Materials: scaffholding system,

wooden pannels and flanel. 

Measurements: 22m wide,

7m high and 7m deep.