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Lotte van den Broek is an ambitious spatial designer.

A spatial designer is someone who crosses the boundary between Interior Design and

Architecture. Lotte has a passion for designing festival decors but also sees opportunities 

to design marvelous and unique shapes in interior design and other spatial design. 

With an eye on the production and realisation of a concept, 

she can transform any of your wishes into a design. 

Spatial design

The design between people and

space in variety of scales. 

3D Animation

Lets you see a digital 3D model from

different angles or making it move.

Design thinking

The way of handling a concept or idea

to become a unique and creative design.

Corporate design 

Designing logos and branding.

Graphic design.

3D modeling

Creating a digital 3D model in 

any kind of shape and scale. 

2D and 3D Visuals

Visuals made by hand and/or computer

to support the empathy of experiencing a design.